Hi, I'm new to Bootstrap Studio. I'm looking see designers' website examples....

Hi, I'm new to Bootstrap Studio. I've been using Mobirise for awhile now and I am looking for something more flexible and customizeable. I'm looking see designers' website examples, portfolio's and projects. Drop a link below..... Thanks.

;-) Welcome to the forum and Bootstrap Studio.

There was this thread with some links:


But otherwise they may just be scattered across the forum in various posts.

However it looks like most of those links are now nonworking. o.O

I just posted my CSS3 Grid/Flexbox concept built site. It's simple though.




Although I've become kind of the Church Lady lol, seems a lot of local churches have found me! Is ok by me! lol. Here's some site's all created fully within BSS. I use BSS as my entire builder, nothing is changed outside of the app at all. I do have components that are setup within the app that are not native to BSS though, but all done within the app. Hope this helps!

https://fpcbayminette.org https://presbyteryofsa.org https://abundantlifebm.org https://nbliteracy.org https://pgbmbaptist.org (similar to fpcbayminette.org) https://oaklawnvfw.com

Working on my other client's sites right now too to redo them within BSS just so all my projects are in it and I can then get rid of Dreamweaver charges every month. Also in the middle of a Local Winery site that I've recently been commissioned to redo 2 sites for, another local church that just commissioned me yesterday, a wedding planner's site that's been in the works for a little while already and a Non Profit baseball field renovation organization's site. All of them being done in BSS which is definitely making my life easier lol. I'm a coder by nature, but I love that BSS gives you the ability to do both and have quite a bit of control over things (albeit you do need to work around them sometimes lol, but it's doable!).