Hidden setting for folders in the design tree [MAC]

We got the hide in export for the HTML pages, thanks so much for that.

Now it would be really nice to have the same for Images. I’m sure there might be times someone may need it for JavaScript or Styles, but at least we can do the files there and that’s not anywhere near as bad as images are for setting as hidden since there are usually so many.

Example case: I have 3 clients that have 50+ images that go on pages (direct page input, not carousels which there are hundreds more of for some clients). These 3 clients do a lot of updates that return each year and they reuse a lot of the images.

I would like to add all these images to the projects so I don’t have to keep track of them in 2 different places. If I could create some folders for categorizing them and could mark those folders or at least a parent folder as hidden so it isn’t exported or uploaded that would be awesome and save me a lot of time rustling through images on my computer.

Note: I could swear some of this was already in there and noticed it right away that I couldn’t set images hidden at all, but I might be mistaken there, not sure. Either way it’s not there now and it would be great if it were.

Thank you for the suggestion! Doesn’t the “Skip Unused Images” option work for your use case?

No I’m unable to use that as a handful of clients have images within a JS file and it doesn’t pick those up so I just leave it off so I don’t have to remember which ones do and which ones don’t lol.