Hide app menu (windows)


Just like the title says, would be nice to be able to hide the app menu. Some other apps allow this feature via toggling the ALT key. Just my two cents, maybe others feel the same.


+1 +1 +1 the same goes for the HTML ... just let us slide the panels completely out of the way and leave tabs so that they can be brought back into view.

@Zenko: When you say "app menu" are you talking about the menu at the top? If so what would be the purpose of that? It's such a small narrow area I can't see where it would save much of any room for anything for the amount of work it would probably take to do. If you mean the others on the sides, then yea I would totally agree! Would love to see them split out even for that matter.

@TonyBenedetti: Not sure I'm following what you mean on the HTML. Right now it's already set that all you have to do is click the area to the tab or any area around to the right of the tabs at the bottom and it will bring them back, click there again and it hides them. Isn't that what you're asking for or am I misunderstanding? :)

I was referring to app menu New, Edit, View etc...on windows the app menu is part of the app window, aesthetically looks bad and out of place. This is a windows os issue but would be nice if BSS had an option to hide this. If you're a developer that uses VSCode, Atom and other web development apps on windows, the app menu can be hidden to better focus on what matters.

Anyways, small suggestion but I also like the idea of hiding panels inside the app.

I see what you mean, I'm on a Mac and I forget that Windows puts it all in the app. Can't blame you for wanting that then. Thanks for clarifying it for me. :)