Hide/show for bootstrap classes

@martin Hi Martin. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option to the styles panel where you could hide/show the bootstrap classes displayed in the panel? Maybe something like a radio button or checkbox.

It’s not the actual elements in the site I want to hide or disable. It’s In the styles panel display. If you clicked the radio button the styles panel would only shows the user classes. Click it again and it would show both the user classes and the bootstrap classes.

Radio not active

Radio active

If radio button was activated you wouldn’t see the 3 bootstrap locked classes just ones in the styles.css (the bootrap classes would still be enabled in the site). It would really just make it easier to see what user classes have been applied all at the top of the styles panel like in the image above.

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Could you go into more detail about what elements you would want to have the show and hide features on?

For the likes of modals and some drop-down types there is already an option along the top of the canvas/preview to show and hide elements.

Some elements can be toggled in the side menu by applying display: block to them, like the collapse element.

Other times when I have made custom elements that use Bootstraps .show and .hide classes I’ve added custom options to them by right clicking the element in the left side menu tree view, then going to custom options.

So, the features are all there as far as I’m aware to do this with several methods already.

Thank you for the suggestion! We can add a dropdown after Force State which lets you select which blocks to include in the Styles tab, with switches for Framework and User.

We will investigate how this would affect all the functionality that the CSS editor supports like detecting overrides, searching, navigating to blocks etc. If it doesn’t cause to many issues we can add it in our next release.

@martin Hi Martin. I didn’t realise it would take so much work thinking it would be an easy task. Maybe it’s not such a good idea if it’s going to be a complex operation. Cheers for thinking about it anyway :sunglasses: