Hiding files or folders in the Design tab while linking

Hello! New to Bootstrap Studio and slowly figuring things out… and loving it!

I am currently working on a webpage in both english and french - so, I have duplicated my folders en/ & fr/ and changed file names to appropriate language, duplicated & renamed menus, etc…
The site right now is relatively small (about 10 pages x 2) - but there is a bigger one that will be in the works soon.
What I would love to see would be to “hide” certain folders in the design tab when linking - ie: if I’m not linking to images, or not linking to any files in the en/ folder - they would not appear in the scroll-down menu of choices.

PS - if anyone has any smarter ways of handling the En/Fr thing, please let me know!


Do you mean the entries that show up here:

The problem is that we can’t know what the user wishes to link to or not. We offer all files that exist in the design and can be linked to. Maybe what’s needed is some kind of autosuggest, so that when you type /fr/ in the textbox you will see a menu with only those pages?


Yes that’s exactly where I am. Typing /fr/ (or any folder path) would work to narrow things down!

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 9.37.08 AM

I use json file to handle multiple lang for static site, so we don’t need to create so much page for every languages, just one and let the page read the content from json file.

Thanks, I’ll have to look in to that!

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You can do it with a data attribute on the elements with textContent. Here is an example

Something else to look at! Thanks, I’ll dig in.