Hiding Website from Search Engines

Greetings! New to BSS here (and loving it)

I would like to prevent Google / Search Engines from Crawling - Indexing some specific pages or an entire website. Could anyone guide me in the right direction or share some tips to do this the right way?

Thanks so much, and apologies in advance if this is not the place to ask this question, or it has been asked before (couldn’t find anything) in such a case I would delete or move where it belongs.


You do this via the robots.txt file (which you have to create.)

In Bootstrap Studio, go to File > Settings. Under the Design heading, expand SEO and you’ll see a selection for Robots.txt

This is where you’ll add your disallow entries. This article explains how you write the rules…

Hey @printninja - Thanks so much for your reply!

Your on-point Directions + The Article provided are exactly what was needed, and I hope this can help others facing similar Issues.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can add the following to the meta data of your page:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">

This will only apply to the page that you have this in.

The robots.txt file you can specify directories to not be indexed such as an admin folder etc. as well as point to your sitemap.xml file. If you have a large site, you don’t really want lots of individual pages in the robots.txt file, the meta tag will be a better choice.