High CPU and low performance of BSS [solved]

I’m trying to edit a project in Bootstrap Studio.
Unfortunately, after a few minutes from the time of starting work, the performance of the BSS drops drastically.

Bootstrap Studio Helper process reaches 65 - 75% of the CPU power.

MBP 13" 2015, Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz, RAM 8 GB, MacOS Monterey 12.1

My project file:

Thank you for sending your design! Have you noticed if the slowdown occurs due to some specific edits or actions that you do in the app? If we can narrow down what exactly is causing the slowdown it will be a lot easier to fix.

Your images are very large MB’s. Reduce them to around 100kb and things should work better.

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Indeed, I noticed this some time ago with another project.

Why can’t I just work smoothly in BSS with high resolution graphics?

I can confirm: reducing the size of the images improved the performance very well