Hosting Custom Domains on Bootstrap Studio Sites

I wish I knew that the limit was only 5 sites before I paid....... this was sold as a feature not as a limited option...... poor form BS....... Any ideas on how to increase the limit of 5 custom domains being hosted????

You're welcome to pay for hosting of as many sites you've designed using BSS as you like -- as a paid user I was, and still am, highly impressed by the deal from BSS to host as many as five sites. To be honest I don't know of any other developer program that's got an offer as generous as this.

this was sold as a feature not as a limited option

If you read the TOS there are no hidden secrets. To answer your question directly, yes, you can buy as many permanent licenses as you please.

There's no bad form. Simply ask for your money back and it will be refunded, again iaw the TOS.

It's up to you to do a lot of reading and learning on your own. The software is what's for sale. As you stated, 5 sites is a "feature", but I would call it a generous gift.

You can always create and export as many websites as you want with unlimited pages. There are no limitations. It's up to you to purchase (the use of) domain names and hosting.

The site clearly states that it is Only 5. It was not hidden or devious and in no way bad form. Maybe next time you need to read more about the product before buying and not “assume” what it will include. It’s a common mistake we all make along the way.

The limit is 5. There is no option to purchase more hosting. This was discussed further by the dev in another thread about a week or 2 ago if you want to search for it. For the rest you can do as Pervasive suggests and upload your sites to your own hosting which you can find pretty cheap these days.

You can get cheap hosting with something like 100 add-on domains for about $15 a month with a shared server hosting package from most of the bigger hosts (GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc.) Getting free hosting of one (let alone FIVE SITES) with a $60 website program is virtually unheard of in today's industry.

People amaze me sometimes!