Hover Effect on Images

Hi there, I saw this theme and I’m trying to recreate it, and I’m stuck! I can’t seam to put the icon in the center on top of the image or make the hover effect, can’t find the options for it.
Any ideas? Please let me know, thank you.
Video here:

Quick answer, you can try learn the concept here:


Thank you, i’ll take a look.

There are no options in the software to do something like this. This effect would require writing custom CSS. I would recommend you post this in the Webdesign Help category. Someone might throw you a bone and put the code together for you.

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I was suspecting already that this was more code related than just finding the options. Thanks, appreciated!

If you search (Hover) in the components the are a lot of hover effects that are similar to what you are after, especially in BS4 versions.

Image Hover Effect’ is one you could customise.

To clarify, @timespider is referring to the shared components (online) library.

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