How are Bootstrap Studio sites stored?

Newbie alert:

Am I correct in saying that a BS 'design' is stored in a '.bsdesign' file?

Where is this detailed in the documentation?


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It is a undocumented proprietary format that few are privy to. It appears that the extension BSDesign is self-documenting as to what it is.

There is more about it on the forum if you care to dig deep, but not enough to make a huge difference.


It's a proprietary file setup basically. The BSDesign file is their specific design file name, and all designs saved are saved to a file with that extension so yes, that is your answer. These are stored wherever you tell the program to store them. All files that are in a project, imported into a project, etc. are contained within that file.

Thanks. I have just started using BSS and always quake when I hear that I am dependent on a "proprietary format".


and always quake when I hear that I am dependent on a “proprietary format”.

Understandable. I feel the same way, but I've found the .bsdesign files to be fairly robust (meaning I've yet to have one go "corrupt" on me) which I can't say about other programs I've used with proprietary file formats. Also, you can set BSS's backup feature to create frequent backups of your .bsdesign file, if you're worried about file corruptions. Also, you can always export your design as standard HTML/CSS/JS so worst case is you'll always have the website in an editable format, even if that means doing it manually (coding) or in another program like Pinegrow.

Personally, I wouldn't be concerned at all. BSS is a rock solid program in my experience.

Also see the second reply in this thread. I've tested this person's suggestion up to the point of renaming the files and opening them, and it seems to be accurate.

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The file is essentially a compressed json text document, but the format is very straightforward (albeit proprietary).