How can i add caption in the carousel component

Hi all

I use a carousel component and would like to add the caption there in addition to the image per slide. Like here:

How can I do that? I have not found a corresponding option. I see that a caption is displayed in the Suggested menu, but it is disabled and cannot be placed. Do I have to solve this via custom code, or is there a better alternative?

I am not sure when this changed, but you used to be able to just drag the caption component from the suggested component window into the slide.

Now it appears to be grayed out, and when you hover over it, it says it’s just the standard bootstrap <div> HTML element. So it seems, for now, you have to drag a div into the slide, then go to the ATTRIBUTES section in the HTML panel, and manually add the carousel-caption class, which will then position a caption container in the slide in the normal spot where the Bootstrap Carousel caption is supposed to appear. Then you can drag a header or paragraph component into that div to add your caption text.

This is very odd. I don’t recall it working this way the last time I built a website with a carousel (which was probably at least 3-4 updates ago.)

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or something that was done intentionally, but I’m tagging @Martin in this post, and maybe he can explain this behavior the next time he visits the forums.

Yes, the suggested components is the way to drag these components into your design, but there is a bug right now that disables them. This will be fixed in our upcoming release (hopefully next week).

Thanks for that clarification @martin !