How can I change the default file input placeholder text

Hi, I just bought the software and it’s great.
One question we need help, which I actually searched a lot on internet.
I am designing an English Site but when I drop hte file input component into the form, it comes with Chinese characters in the placeholder and I found no way to change it.
Same condition goes to the warning message too.
Please kindly help to give suggestions, thanks so much.


Do you have a screenshot or a link? I can’t reproduce this problem.

here is an example how to design the input type=file


The button and preview text on the input type=“file” is in the language you have installed in your computer.

You can try to make a form in Dutch with a input type=“file” and let us know how you did to get the button and preview text in dutch

You can change it with css:

.customFileInput::-webkit-file-upload-button {
  visibility: hidden;

.customFileInput::before {
  content: 'your wording';

then give your input a class of customFileInput

I don’t think that will work in firefox

Hi Seb, thanks for your help. Please check, usually the other input group, the characters are in English, but when I drop the File Input, the text is in Chinese.
Thanks again.