How can i do to do a shopping cart?

Hello, I would like to make every time I click on the shopping cart in a product, I add it to a shopping cart. How could I do it using boostrap?

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Just going to give some thoughts here, as I haven't worked with a shopping cart, it's just ideas on how you could go about it.

I think in the past you'd use browser cookies to save entries to the browser and the server reads the cookies to see what should be or should not be in the shopping cart.

I believe you could also use the localStorage of modern browsers to set and get items

localStorage.getItem(); localStorage.setItem();


You can also use a PayPal button "Add to Cart" in a PayPal business account which allows for Cart type activity as well. Depends of course how many products you will have to set up buttons for. If you have a lot then this might not be the most efficient way to go. But if only a couple dozen or so, it's quite a neat little system built into PayPal.