How can I import my own fonts in Bootstrap Studio?

I have a hack for font embeds. Have your @font-face styles imported as an "external css" and link fonts using absolute paths also from your hosting.

Still, it's illogical to block this behaviour in the bootstrap studio. At least @font-face for external fonts should be allowed in the bootstrap project.

Since February 27, 2016 till now this feature has not been added yet. Martin Angelov in his reply on March 1st, 2016 he said:

Hello and welcome to the forums!

At the moment importing fonts is not possible. We will add this in the next releases, but for now only Google Fonts are supported. Which is the font you would like to import? Do you have a webfont version of it? Most font licenses forbid the font to be converted into a webfont, so once we add the functionality to Bootstrap Studio, we will only be able to import webfonts.

Now, it's been nearly 17 months since Martin's reply and we still cannot add our own font. Please let me know if you have added this property yet and it will be great if you add the Academicons font.

Kind regards,

Custom fonts are a must. Thanks in advance

It saddens me to discover the unavailability of this feature. To be honest, Google Fonts is not enough when you are doing bigger projects.

The BSS devs have said that custom fonts will be supported soon, but they are focussing on Bootstrap 4 support first.

Be patient it's coming...

In fact, I discontinued using BS for various UX issues. Hope it will some day be an excellent tool specifically for bootstrap. Until then I plan on using DIVI theme for WordPress and the builder within it for fast projects and communication with clients. As well as InVision for reviews. Other than that, now with CSS-grid implemented in every major browser, it won't be long before somebody creates a modern browser-based drag&drop tool for rapid prototypes.

Do you know if their is one out now that is able to add fonts? I wasn't sure if you can export the project and create local files to use from the server rather than requesting it from 3rd party ref. link.



Google Fonts are not enough, must be able to add other fonts in BSS.

As mentioned by the others, this is a must-have.

  1. When will import custom fonts be implemented?

  2. What is the best workaround today?

You can probably do something like link to an external source CSS file that contains something like the following:

@font-face {
    font-family: "dotsfont";
    font-style: normal;
    font-weight: 400;
    src: url("/fonts/dotsfont.eot");
    src: url("/fonts/dotsfont.eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"),
         url("/fonts/dotsfont.woff") format("woff"),
         url("/fonts/dotsfont.ttf") format("truetype"),
         url("/fonts/dotsfont.svg#dotsfontregular") format("svg");

Then reference like normal in your CSS i.e. font-family:dotsfont;

The paths and files must exist on an external server where you would have them reside.

Basically similar to what Google Fonts does in it's file you link to. For example go here to see what they are doing.


Please add import fonts +1


Apparently, nothing is possible with this software. Hoping to get my money back, just requested for it.

LOL too funny imrbx, apparently you are not able to utilize good software and shouldn't purchase items that are above your head. If you think this software can't do anything, you don't know anything about web design. Your post is vague, and says absolutely nothing. If you want assistance you need to ask for it not be a jerk.

I've just bought BSS, but I couldn't import custom font....need this functionality. I would like to know when you are going to add this.

I'm loving this software so far and grateful for all the hard work you've done.

It would be awesome to see a custom font upload feature in the near future.

Just getting into BSS and I agree this feature would be very helpful.

You can doing it like if you were to do it like google fonts


Is there any timeline for this update? I am still trying this out on a web version and so far so good.


I'm very interested in this feature... Any ideia of when it will be available?

By the way, BS Studio is a great app!


Has there been any change to this? Martin Angelov's comment that the function will be added in "the next releases" was more than two years ago, but it doesn't seem to be possible. I am hoping I am just missing something.