How can I import my own fonts in Bootstrap Studio?

How can I import my own fonts in Bootstrap Studio?

Anyway, great job guys. I love this App.

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At the moment importing fonts is not possible. We will add this in the next releases, but for now only Google Fonts are supported. Which is the font you would like to import? Do you have a webfont version of it? Most font licenses forbid the font to be converted into a webfont, so once we add the functionality to Bootstrap Studio, we will only be able to import webfonts.

Hi, webfonts a la would be nice or or

And the very to of the best... A button with where we can insert a custom svg as an icon

I second that. Would love to see upload of custom webfonts. As i am using Bootstrap Studio with bigger clients that mostly have their own typefaces, or at least their own iconography, this would make things much easier.


I am interested in this as well. Particularly so that I can use may custom chart fonts (FF Chartwell) - -- Critical for my prototyping (I am building a customer relationship management product [CRM]) and graphing is incredibly valuable... particularly since I don't want to try to finagle chart.js and this ff chartwell solution is way preferred.

Oh one other thing that would be awesome is the ability to use FontAwesome ( since they have a dedicated CDN and other remote tools, it behaves a lot like Google fonts.

The app actually already supports Font Awesome icons. The app's Bootstrap.css by default supports Glyphicons but you can select to use Font Awesome, Ionicons and Material Design Icons as well.

If you drag the icon component to your project and then select the icon in the Layout View pane then in the Options pane on the right double click the star icon it will pop up the Change Icon window. You can select from those 4 icon types. When you select say Font Awesome and one of the icons it will load the Font Awesome CSS into your project. It doesn't show the CSS link in the app but if you preview the site and then view it's source you'll see the additional CSS link for that particular icon set.


I'll be interested to know what release importing non Google fonts will be in.

My clients and I love Bootstrap Studio - but custom fonts is a must. It is cumbersome to export the project prior a presentation and add custom fonts, the align bits and bobs and have them lost once we go back to bootstrap studio to make changes. Custom fonts please. :D

Edit the css having your .eof file giving it a name. I suggest looking into the CSS of your site.

Just chiming in here that custom fonts would be great addition and very helpful.

Just to say I'd love this function as well - I use Typekit a lot, it would be great to have a function to import the webkit version of them.

Adding custom fonts is a must for me too! Please add it.

Not sure how I missed this post but ...

+1 for sure!

I just discovered TypeKit and since I'm using a subscription from Adobe for a few apps they come free, so yea, TypeKit for sure, but some of the others as well that other people have suggested too!

I need this functionality otherwise the BSS is useless in my company. We have custom css and custom fonts and wanted to use BSS to ease our lives and its not possible...yet.

@ Miroslav Molinek: Although I truly hope they get some additions in for us to use our own fonts and import other types besides Google fonts, I have to also say that Google Fonts can usually provide something pretty close to what I have used with other setups. I would check that out and see if that may be the case for you. If so then you should be all set at least until they do give us this option.

We have a clearly defined font in our design language so this is not an option. More than that I foud out that our custom components are not editable nor draggable. I just bought this tool for us to enhance our existing workflow by drag&drop, not to throw away all we have and start from scratch.

I would really like to have ability for custom fonts to be imported at some point very soon.

how is this going, is font embedding still not doable?

Ummm, still not possible based on my reply posted only 5 days ago