How can I include styles in HTML while exporting

I’ve created custom CSS rules in the default styles.css file for my unique index.html page.
When I export my index.html file, I would like to include the CSS rules into the index.html /head/.
Is there an option for this ?

I’ll bite, why in the world would you want to do that? That’s so very old and inefficient.

There’s no automated feature in the program that will move an external stylesheet into the head section, but you can certainly go to the lower right Design Panel, expand Pages, right-click your page and choose “properties” and then click on Head Content in the left side menu, and then place your CSS in between a pair of <style> </style> tags. Then that CSS will be exclusive to that page only. It’s very convoluted, inefficient, and I would not want to be the person responsible for maintaining such a website.

@jo-r on (rare) occasions, it can make sense to include the styles directly in the HTML file because it can result in slightly faster page load. But it would be virtually unnoticeable on any 4G or reasonably fast broadband cable/fiber connection. Perhaps this person is stuck in some part of the world where they’re forced to use dial-up, DSL or 3G speeds?

Otherwise I agree that it’s old and inefficient, and can see no reason why one would want to do this.

Hi, Thanks for your answer, so no option for that.
So I will copy the styles.css content to the index.html file.

It’s not to create a whole website but just for a specific layout for a web page included in a CMS website based on Bootstrap.

Have a nice day !

Finally, I put my CSS rules in File | Export options | Head content
and it’s included in the page file.
Best regards