How can i make calendar?

Hi guys im biginer on bootstrap and also bootstrap studio! lol
This time i want make calendar. I want to mark the sales figures on the calendar every day.
How can i do that?
The studio doesn’t provide calendars. I can find some calendar on online tab. But this calendar (in online tab) can’t modify code. plz help :<
p.s Happy New Year!

There is no built-in calendar widget or plug-in in Bootstrap Studio. If you want a fully functional calendar that automatically changes from month to month, allows you to add events, share them with others, and so on, you have a few options…

  1. Buy a third-party calendar app like one of these, and embed the code in your website.

  2. Use Google’s free Google Calendar which is free with any Google (gmail) account, and can be embedded into a website.

  3. Use one of the calendars in the BSS online library. There are only a few, and each one has limitations, but some are considerably better than others (a couple are very buggy, and completely useless at mobile size.

Not to brag, but the calendar I created is probably the best one you’ll find in the online library. Do a search for “ultimate event calendar” It’s fully editable through BSS (no custom code), you can drag and drop events, but you do have to update the layout each month by showing/hiding days in the first row. There is a javascript with it that well keep the month and year updated.

You need to read all the instructions in it very carefully, and it may suit your requirements. You can see a functioning version of it here on this website I built…

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so thank you! that’s what i want!
can i ask one more question?
im using sb admin sample on bootstrap studio.
i want to set toggle default. (When I refresh, keep the left side navbar closed.)
how can i do that?

I’m solved lol.
I added js code (same that work when I press the toggle button) to run when the screen refreshes.