How can i use Map-Merges in SaSS

Hello all

I am making my first experiences with SaSS: I found the following in _variables.scss for the variable “$spacer”:

$spacer: 1rem;
$spacers: ();
// stylelint-disable-next-line scss/dollar-variable-default
$spacers: map-merge(
0: 0,
1: ($spacer*.25),
2: ($spacer*.5),
3: $spacer,
4: ($spacer*1.5),
5: ($spacer*3),
6: ($spacer*5),
7: ($spacer*7)

What I would like to do now:
I would like to add the following to the “.nav-link” class in the “_nav.scss”:
margin: spacer with map merge 0 0 0 0!important;

What is the correct name of the code line here?

Thank you for your support.

Why would you just not use the class m-0 on the nav-link ? That would set the !important you seem to require.