How can I use Pure CSS framework in Bootstrap Studio?

Hi Guys,

I am an amateur on design. I just discovered Bootstrap Studio. How can I use framework in Bootstrap Studio?

Sorry I don't understand your query?

I want to use two framework in Bootstrap Studio. One is Pure CSS ( and second one is Semantic UI (

How can I use theese frameworks in Bootstrap Studio? Is that possible?

Not sure on the Semantic UI part, but for the Pure CSS you can import your CSS file(s) and they will automatically link to your pages for you to use the classes. Just rearrange the order of the CSS files as you need them to be by opening the dialog to reorder them. Just right click over the Styles category dropdown and it will open a window to choose Include Order and reorder it so they are where you need them. I would think that would work pretty nicely.


Thank you for your answer. But I have a question. Wht you are not sure about Semantic UI? What is the different Semantic UI and Pure CSS ?

The Semantic UI introduces actual HTML structure where as the Pure CSS is all CSS file based and you reference the classes textually when you are creating your elements by adding specific class names to them. This is easily done.

But, the HTML Structure is already set a specific way in BSS so the Semantic UI it's not something so easily utilized. You "can" in a sense use it if you want to import premade HTML pages, but you'd be having to edit everything in the code manually then which kind of defeats the purpose of the visual editor. There may be more to the Semantic UI than I'm aware of, I'm just going by the brief glimpse of info on the home page of that website.

I see. Thank you very much for your help.

BSS studio uses bootstrap as a framework. I created a few websites using but with BSS i prefer to use bootstrap grid and all bootstrap features. What features of pure css do you need?