How custom code can get first class citizen on component tree?

Hi there, you know that some langs have "first class citizens" and there are other things that are not first class.

With custom code I feel in this way, it cant be a first class citizen? why? it would be nice if at less there where a kind of wizard that can help convert a custom code to a component so that is completely editable as all the other things.

It is nice to have the option to add custom code, but please make it first class citizen of the object tree with any option like:

  • adding custom code make it editable an navigable you dont need nothing more
  • provide a wizard that can convert custom code to component.
  • Any other possible idea.

Thank you for opening this thread!

Bootstrap Studio treats Custom Code components as a "black box". It doesn't try to guess what is written inside a Custom Code component and doesn't limit you in any way. If the app attempts to parse the content and turn it into actual components, in the majority of cases the code won't be correct Bootstrap markup and the process would fail, resulting in a poor user experience and frustration. Unless this works 100% of the time (which unfortunately is impossible) it would be a better to not support such conversion at all.