How do I add a footer section/element UNDER the body element?

I’m a bit new to Bootstrap, so I thought this would be good for a visual editor, but I’m confused about how to add a footer element/section UNDER the body? There’s a bit of space under the body, but I can’t drag or drop anything there. I’ve tried adding a section, row, column, everything and it’s a bit frustrating for me.


Nothing can be added “under” the body. The Body is parent container of the entire website, and everything on your page must be placed INSIDE the body. So you would drop your footer component either on top of the Body component in the Overview panel, or inside the Body area in the workspace.

You could use jquery *

after method

  • to add it even though it would make no sense do so. Merely a venture into the power of jquery…and to try out the new forum. The weather is also turning cold again so more time for code enjoyment.

    $(“body”).after(“The End —”);

think this is what OP mean to put the footer under the body


Yes I can see where your example would be useful. image

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