How do I add the default nav-item back to a Navbar once I removed it?


By default, Navbars have Nav-Items. I'm not sure how do I add back the default nav-item to a Navbar once I removed all of them. The only thing I seem to be able to drag inside a Navbar is a Dropdown, but nothing else seems to work.


  1. Drag in a Navbar and expand it.
  2. Delete Navbar Brand.
  3. Delete the Navbar Toggle.
  4. Expand the Navbar Collapse and move the containing Nav out of it so the Nav will be the immediate child of the Navbar.
  5. Finally delete the Navbar Collapse. Now you have a Navbar with a single Nav element inside it, which by default have 3 Nav Items.
  6. Drag a Dropdown inside the Nav (so the Dropdown is the child of the Nav) and delete all 3 Nav Items. Now you have a structure that looks like Navbar > Nav > Dropdown.

How do I add a Nav Item back into the Nav? If you look at the HTML, the Nav Item is just a list item (li) but you can't drag an li into the Nav.

I would suggest you put a full nav bar back in (set it up underneath the one you have temporarily) and explore the settings of the Nav bar in the Options pane. There are settings, if you select the right line in the HTML window and/or Overview pane that allow you to do things like turn off the Navbar Brand, set up the location of your nav such as centered, left, right, etc. Do that and start over and it will probably be a little easier that way than trying to repopulate something that you should have just turned settings on and off of instead of deleting. :)

Thanks Jo! Yes, I was aware of all that, but I found it odd that I could not drag another nav-item back in. Wasn't sure if this is by design or it's a bug.

1) You will see a menu at the top of the preview window that says "Add to Nav" with buttons labeled "Before", "After", "End". 2) Duplicate one of the existing Nav Items.

The Nav component in BSS is "quasi-editable." Guess this was a choice on the part of the devs.