How do I address assets?

An example of a BStudio asset is desk.jpg. It is listed in the Design section under Images. I can't find this file on my local computer; perhaps it is internal to BStudio. But when I export a website, desk.jpg is created inside the assets/img folder. The problem is that desk.jpg is displayed just fine inside of BStudio by setting the source of the image in BStudio to desk.jpg. But when I upload the exported website to the Web, desk.jpg is not found (because it now is in assets/img). Similar problems exist for every asset. Why is the addressing incorrect when a website is exported? Is this a bug?

A workaround is to move files manually. But this is not acceptable in general, when one wishes to run the output of BStudio as a production website, because one wants an automatic upload after any change. Am I misunderstanding some feature of BStudio?

Added: The desk.jpg file seems to be found, but the server reports that it contains an error.

If relevant, my local computer OS is Windows 10, my remote server OS is Centos, a Linux variant. I use the Firefox browser.

I have no trouble displaying desk.jpg on my local computer in the exported folder.

Either I am confused by your question, or you are confused about how website assets are organized.

desk.jpg will not be found on your computer. It exists as part of a Bootstrap Studio component (specifically the Lightbox component) and is probably kept in a compressed format until a person drags the Lightbox component into their BSS project, (at which point I suspect the software uncompresses and loads all the images required for them to display in the workspace.)

If you save your BSS project, all the images in the Design > Images folder are compressed into a single .bsdesign file (along with all the HTML, CSS and JS), so again, you won't find the file desk.jpg on your computer.

When you export your BSS website as assets to be uploaded to a server, all the images, HTML, CSS and js are organized according to standard Bootstrap hierarchy, and paths to these assets are generated by the BSS studio software. In your export folder, you will find your HTML files, and an assets folder with the following subfolders...

  • bootstrap (contains subfolders with the minified Bootstrap CSS and JS)
  • css (contains any custom CSS files)
  • fonts (contains fonts)
  • img (contains all your projects images)
  • js (contains any javascript files in your project)

This is all completely normal, and any website builders that create Bootstrap websites (ex. Pinegrow) follow this same folder hierarchy.

What I fail to understand is why this is an issue for you? Are you determined to have your project images exist somewhere other than Assets > img? If so, why?