How do I can translate the Smart Forms? Is there a way to show them up in SPA?

Hi, I'm working on a page in Spanish and I need to use the smart forms in Spanish, I was trying to modify the smart-forms.min but I only managed to translate the following message: "Your message has been delivered." and I need at least to translate the "Close" text and "Success".

I hope you can help me with this, thank you!

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Thank you for starting this thread! The part with the close button and success message are displayed by our server and smart-forms.min.js doesn't affect it. We can make it customizable in the future if users show interest in such functionality, but for now we are concentrated on higher priority features.


this function seems important to me too. thx for your good work

Hi, this function is very important and is great to use. I have purchase today your license. Thanks

Hi, this function seems to be essential for people that develop web pages in other languages and want to use Smart Forms. Also it seems like easy to solve problem. I hope it will be done soon, so that Smart Forms can be used by all of your user base.

Hi, please add this feature to the next update. :)

Please, add this feature, the french people usualy do not speak english.

my vote for customizable response message from smart form :+1:
thanks in advance.

Hi, please add this feature to the next update. :+1:

I’ll chime in on this one. I’d like to see that added too.

I don’t know if that’s what the friend needs to do, but maybe this print can be useful to you.
By enabling the smart form and then the customize messages, you will find several fields that can customize the messages for sending email.
See in the image the fields highlighted in white.
If that’s what the friend needed, I’m glad I could help.