How do I direct the link output from a side navbar

Hey all,

I need a little help with a side navbar. It is not about creating the navbar, as this is done and it seems to work OK.

I have a main articles page. It has a container, a row and 2 columns. The navbar is in the left hand column and the main content is intended for the right hand column.

When I click on the article in the side navbar, I want the article content to appear in the right hand column.

The question I have is, do I need to replicate the side-navbar to every article page I create (with the same layout of container, row and 2 columns), or am I missing the point here?

I’m new to bootstrap (and not massively familiar with web programming in general). I am more familiar with HTML framesets / iFrames where I can direct the article content to a particular portion of a web page, instead of having to reload a whole new page (with side navbar) every time I click on a link.

thanks in advance…

You can use the linked components feature for the navbar and put it on each page.

Another option could be to use the tabs component, it depends on how many articles you are going to have.

Thanks @richards. Glad you mentioned the linked component feature… That is really useful. I will take a look at the tab component.

So, it looks like embedding the side navbar on each article page is the correct way of working then? I have spent a few days trying to find some guidance. (I appreciate that this forum is for bootstrap studio and not a web programming forum)

Yes that’s correct, if you have a separate page for each article, just name the page something that stands for the article topic so it’s easy to navigate and then put links on the menu to them.

Another option would be to put them on one page (or a handful of pages) and use anchor links to take visitors directly to the article location on the page.

Another more manageable option (if there are lots of articles, too many to add to a menu) is to create a landing page for them and put links on that page to the article pages. This could be done with some categorization even to help people get to the right topics etc.

Lots of ways you can do this that really depend on how many articles there are.

Thanks @jo-r. I feel happier with what to do. I must admit, I’m really liking BSS. I tried WordPress previously and also doing bootstrap manually, neither of which were right for me.

Yeah it takes a bit of practice to get to know the app and how things work, but it’s worth the effort for sure. Take a gander through the BSS docs and familiarize yourself the app, that will help answer a lot of the most frequently asked questions here in the forums. Have fun with it, it’s a great piece of software. :slight_smile:

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