How do I disable the "auto-closing" open tags in custom code blocks?

Hi, I'm trying to rebuild an existing website on the tool, leaving editable only some parts of the text so that non-experienced people can manipulate the content without breaking the structure. That way, I begin some "div" in a custom code, add a paragraph, and close it on a next custom code. But on the tool, it shows that its closing the "div" automatically before the paragraph, whilst I wanted to close it only after the paragraph? Does that make sense?


  • Custom code Block -- <div id="start">
  • Paragraph Block -- Some paragraph
  • Custom code Block -- </div>

But on the html view it shows the div is being closed before the paragraph block. What can I do to prevent that? (Besides starting with a div block, and inserting content into, there are cases with several layers, it would take me weeks.) I just want to disable the auto-closing feature. Thanks!

I believe you are out of luck here. You cannot add partial codes to a custom code block. If all you're wanting to do is add a paragraph between them, add that to your custom code block instead of trying to do it outside of it. My guess is if you're trying to do a sort of CMS for your site(s), you will need to do most of that within custom code blocks where the CMS parts are like within your post.

The rest of the site should be good to go within BSS without needing any of that Custom Code though. Best I can think of at the moment.

create the mockup using BSS and then use a lightweight CMS like GetSimple. It's a quick job to do what you want.

Wouldn't it be possible to put that light weight CMS right into BSS though? I would think that would be a whole lot better only for the fact that then you could edit the site anytime you wanted as well. If you add it outside of BSS then from then on you really wouldn't be able to edit the site within BSS after that. I've never used a CMS addon type of thing so I've no idea how hard it would be to use custom code to put it in, but seems like it should be feasible.