how do I edit my accordion

Hi everyone, I created an accordion from the search menu in BS . it only displays the first accorion Item from 4 but how do I edit and see the progress with the other accordion items ? like paste text in the second accordion item and soo on? I can only see the first one displayed.

Thanks !!

In the "Overview" panel - bottom left - Click the arrow next to the Accordion component to open it up and click the second "Item" element. This will then be highlighted in the Preview pane. Some buttons will now be shown above the preview pane. Click on the "SHOW" button. This will open up the second item of the Accordion so you can edit it by clicking on the Header or the text and clicking the pencil tool.

Do the same process for the other "Item" elements in the Accordion

Thanks a lot for your help :D

You're Welcome :-)

One note -- the panel that is open on the Stage is the panel that will be open when you load the page in a browser.