How do I Edit the Menu Items in a Dropdown?

I have added a dropdown to my main nav, but I cannot edit the Menu Items within it – all of the Link elements are locked. I can only see them via the HTML code viewer.

When you click on that "locked" link, you can see on the right side the "link options" and the "URL"

and on the top you have "dropdown - OPEN"

now you can edit the rest

Yes, I do see the options panel, however none of those options are to rename it from FIRST ITEM.

make a double click on the "First Item"

or click the "EDIT" button

Your comments lead me to the solution, thank you. Here's how I got around this UI problem: 1.) I clicked on the LINK from within the OVERVIEW, here: Navbar>Nav>Dropdown>Menu>Menu Item>Link 2.) At the top of the main display the EDIT button became available, so I clicked on that. 3.) Then I was able to edit the contents of the dropdown.

That's unnecessarily obfuscated.

Hello, When there is more than one dropdown in the navbar. The above method always opens only the first dropdown menu items and unable to open n edit the next dropdown ?

I would not know as I've not used more than one in the nav.

Hello, New here and to BS. The comments above were very helpful for editing the dropdown menu. But, I am having the same issue with multiple dropdowns as kaviarasan I am unable to edit the second dropdown. (I have three dropdowns so assume I will have the same issue with the third). Did you find a solution?

Thank you in advance.

I believe this is a bug in the software. The issue got solved for me once after restarting the application and then after i was able to edit all the 3 dropbox.

There's an issue with that top menu which it sounds like they may have fixed in the next update which is hopefully expected next week. :)

Found it!

Copying Lance's answer format....

1.) I clicked on the DROPDOWN from within the OVERVIEW, here: Navbar>Nav>Dropdown

2.) At the top of the Options section make sure Dropdown is selected.

3.) Under the gear cog (Options) click Expanded to display the dropdown options in the main display window

4.) Then I was able to edit the contents of the dropdown.

I haven't gone farther, but watch to see if leaving the "Expanded" option enabled translates to being open by default when "live". I found it was expanded in the preview. You may have to unclick expand before you export.

Note: Open will still be available at the top of the main display but still only works for the first dropdown,

Thanks Jo, that is good news!

In the meantime, I did find a workaround. :)

I have not looked yet, but is there a way to next dropdowns? One of my menus needs a dropdown where each item therein needs its own dropdown, which would be a fly-out at that level.