How do i get background music for my website?

How do i get background music for my website?

Are you asking how you ADD music to the site, or where you find music you can use?

To add music, just use the Audio component under the Misc section in the Studio panel. You generally want to have your audio in a few formats (mp3, mpeg, wav, ogg) to accommodate different devices and operating systems.

Free stock music is available all over the place online. Just google "free stock music."

Be advised that pretty much all major browsers disable auto playing of background audio by default on websites. They deemed it too "intrusive" to casual visitors, so generally you'll need to have some sort of message to tell them they can "click play" to hear your music. Once a person visits a site, some browsers will recognize that you're a repeat visitor and allow the auto play. I think Chrome uses some stupid algorithm to figure out how many times you've been to the website.

There are ways around this browser block, but they are a bit convoluted, and more than I have time to get into here.

Can't say I've ever encountered a problem with music running auto except for mobile devices myself. They are definitely off auto play for both music and videos generally on mobile.


Autoplay of audio has been aggressively disabled in Chrome and Safari for over a year. Not sure about Edge or older IE versions. Firefox is more forgiving. Chrome uses some crazy thing called a media engagement index. So like if you visit a particular site regularly, it will remember and allow the music to autoplay, stupid stuff like that. Personally, I find it infuriating that browser developers just decide what sort of experience web developers can deliver to visitors. The browser should show the site exactly as it is designed, and if necessary, give users options to disable autoplaying of sound, video, etc in their own browsers. Things shouldn't be blanket disabled by default.

I mean, they're taking the multimedia out of the internet, which is designed to deliver a MULTIMEDIA experience!

yeah that does suck then, Google in my opinion has too much power to start with and pretty much dictates what we can and cannot do and have to do these days.