how do i get from bootstrap studio to bluehost

Hi so i built my page using bootstrap studio and i have been trying to get it to so i can get my webpage up but i dont know how please help.

You have to export your design and t will generate a bunch of asset folders and some html.

Then you need to access your host domains space and the upload said files in the root folder for your domain.

Personally I use a FTP application called FileZilla to manage my FTP Access on my own domains ?

I know this is an old thread but im having the same issue i have a FTP using FileZilla but when exporting the project to my sites file, i get a white page with folders showing up if i click on "Home" it brings me to my home page but it wont take me to my home page on its own what am i doing wrong? and what Ticks do i need to tick to get the correct files? [Under Export destination] it has a bunch of ticks? which ones do i need to have all of the correct files for uploading to bluehose Via FTP [FileZilla]

[Figured it out]