How do I import animations without editing entire project.


I'm trying to copy and paste code from three.js (animations) into a project without jeopardizing the rest of the html/CSS.

Is there a simple way to copy and paste page source code into it's own div without it affecting the rest of the layout? I just need one section dedicated to a specific animation, every time I import the page source it wants to overwrite the entire existing layout.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Well see there in lies the issue of the overwriting of classes most likely. You'll need to check the code you're importing and make sure it's not overwriting the CSS of your site. You may need to make some adjustments to the class names or reorder the files (which is most likely what will fix it) so that your custom CSS is at the bottom of the list always. Same with your custom JS, make sure it's always at the TOP of the list always. Rearrange the JS files as needed so that they don't overwrite eachother as well.