How do I import Bootstrap compatible website template

I have purchased a template that is comparable with Bootstrap but there no .bsdesign file. How can I import the directory structure into Bootstrap Studio?


Do you have a link to the template ?

Bootstrap Studio is not able to import website templates directly (whether they're based on Bootstrap or not.)

You can import the CSS stylesheets and then either bring the pages in by copying the HTML and placing it into custom code containers, or by rebuilding the layout using the comparable Bootstrap Studio components. By doing the former, the only way you will be able to edit the site is by editing the HTML code. The latter will allow you to use BSS's visual tools to do edits. If the template uses any javascript outside of Bootstrap's standard .js, you will also need to import those scripts or link to the CDNs where they're hosted, and that may require a bit more than a simple copy/paste. Hard to say without seeing the template in question.

The inability to import Bootstrap templates/websites is probably the biggest weakness of Bootstrap Studio, but it's fundamentally in contrast to what BSS was created to do - provide a way to visually build Bootstrap websites quickly and easily.

BSS is not a website editor. The only program I'm aware of that does what you want, which also provides a visual interface for editing is Pinegrow, but it's quite a bit more complex (higher learning curve) and also more expensive.

Just as an addon to @printninja’s post: You can “import” the HTML rather than doing the copy and paste to a custom code file. You do this the same as you would when importing CSS or JS files.

Unfortunately the results are the same as @printninja outlined. No drag and drop capabilities and you may as well not use the BSS app then.

If you feel adventurous, do as @printninja suggested and reconstruct the HTML after importing the CSS and JS files.