How do I invoke the colorpicker?

In the styles pane, how do I invoke the colorpicker?

For example, I have got the code below and I now want the color;picker to popup:

body {


Use the hotkey r e d then tab and click

What is the " hotkey r e d "?


Its the shortest color name "red" and then the tab and mouseclick. I agree there should be a way to bring that up....

Holy moo cow! Counter intuitive is the kindest thing I could say about that.

Thanks for spelling it out!

Experienced developers have usually memorized the most common hex values for colors. There is a long list of color names recognized by CSS (eg red), and you can assign RGB values as well.

But if you want the color picker, it's a two step process... first type a color or hex code (eg. red or #fff) and then click on the swatch that appears.

Yep, and even the color picker has been shelved somewhat with the ability to custom build the Bootstrap 4 css styles with sass and create endless tints shades etc by simply adding a class.

And just look around the corner at Bootstrap 5 with the new utility feature(s) variables which will take it to a whole new level of ease and customization. Hopefully this advancement will finally be achievable and embraced within Bootstrap Studio.

I've yet to look into Bootstrap 5. I'm still trying to get up to speed with sass.