How do I Modify Locked Classes?


I am using some studio components to help speed up building my pages but one thing i noticed is I cannot change the classes for templates that i pick. For example i am using the "Features Boxed" component and want to change the glyphicon in the box and it's locked. Why can't I remove that and put an icon in that I want? I understand why you do not allow users to modify the html as a whole because it's harder to group it in the tool, but this is a class that shows up in your attribute editor.

Maybe it is something the software can do already by unlocking classes and pages but I cannot find a way. It seems really stupid to have to export it, then modify to when this tool should be able to something this simple.

Apologies for the frustration but i am finding this tool more and more limiting and I feel like I can build my own bootstrap site faster due some of these limitations i am running into.

They are locked for a reason but if you want to hange a glyph you have to select the glyph and then in the options panel you can double click and then select one of many pre installed glyphs.

Figured it out. you have to click the icons on the right to change them. Wasn't overly clear or thought possible at first glance.

As is the case with most things when using this app for the first time. Glad you have it sorted now ?

Please whats this glyph