How do you convert a BSS-formatted JSON file (back) into a .bsdesign file?

It is well known that you can use 7-Zip / Open Archive on a .bsdesign file and extracting the contents gives a text file that is in a JSON format that BSS can parse.

I’m having trouble though converting my changes to the JSON back into a .bsdesign file. Here is a tool that converts HTML as your browser sees it into a BSS template:

I’m not sure how they put the JSON back into a .zip or 7-Zip archive format. How can we do this. Currently BSS is saying that my output .bsdesign file is corrupted.

I found the proper archive / zip format. You right-click in windows explorer, the JSON file and then 7-Zip > Add to Archive. Leave all options alone except change compression to “gzip”. The file loads now.

My next thing is I want to inject some data into the JSON. Maybe BSS will ignore it, but if it breaks, then I can just put the data into a “comments” field.