How do you embed <Script> tags at end of body to bring in JS

I’m new to BSS, using BSS5. I traditionally bring in some JS through script tags at the end of the body. Is this what “linking” an external JS files accomplishes in BSS? Do I accomplish the same by importing JS files? As a beginner, I sort of feel I am one step out of touch by importing JS files. At least in linking I can still use my trusty VS Code to make modifications.

What say ye more experienced in BSS? Thanks.

When you import or link to a cdn it will automatically put the script files at the end of the page as we normally would with a linked version of it. Same for CSS that is imported or linked to, but of course that will go in the HEAD section not the bottom…

Also, you can edit JS and CSS externally regardless of whether they are imported or linked to so it all falls down to choice on if you want the files local or linked.

Just to be clear- you say you can edit JS and CSS externally regardless of whether they are imported or linked. Am I correct to say that if you import JS/CSS files any editing you do to the external file will NOT be reflected in your code base, because it is using the imported code, which has not be changed.

My mistake on my wording there, I meant that they could be edited externally when imported as you seemed to be under the impression they could only be edited if you edited the linked ones externally.

So, basically, linked JS would be edited externally, and imported ones can be set to open in your favorite editor and edited. Just right click the file and choose “open with” after you have set your editor(s) in your settings.

Got it! Thank you for the time answering.