How do you import custom video files without youtube or vemio,

I tried importing a video file into the bootstrap studio but it wouldn't let me. Because of this, I cannot add custom videos without youtube or Vimeo onto my website. Is there a way I can do this? I am guessing this is happening because all of the files are being stored online and you don't want video files to take up all the storage. Is there another way I can get around this limitation without having to export my code?

You don't, there's no import for things like videos or PDF's or any other files other than images, html, css and js at this time. Not sure what the plans are on this but hopefully we'll get more versatility in the importing of files at some point.

IN the meantime to get things set up how you want them, start off by uploading them to the server they will be on and thenreference them with absolute links so that they will show up in the preview browser. Once you have that all fixed up how you want it and see how it will look, change your links to relative links (if you prefer, which I do) so that you have less HTTP requests for the page. You won't see the video or PDF file etc. on the page anymore, but it will work perfectly once you upload the site. Just be sure your links reference the correct locations that are on the server and all will be good.

In the component list (upper right Studio tab) at the bottom under the Misc section, you will find a Video component, which can be used to add standard HTML5 video formats using the Options tab (upper right.) You will see a section for Video Sources. This is where you will place your URLS as Jo mentioned above.

There is also the Responsive Embed component which can be used to display videos, although it does not have as many options as the Video component.

But with any self-hosted video, you will need to upload the videos in the correct format(s) to your webserver and then reference their locations through BSS. The program itself does not support uploading videos at present.

(Note: you can always create a free Google Account which will allow you to create a YouTube channel and then upload your videos there, and stream them to your site using the the components I mentioned above. This may be the best solution if you don't want to use up space on your server.)

Thanks Printninja, I focused on what he couldn't do rather than also how to add them in there, my bad. I too use the YouTube channel when I need to add videos to a client's site or my own and it seems to work pretty nicely.

You could look at serving it from an Amazon S3 bucket and using HTML