How insert a <br> in a paragraph?

The only way I have found to insert a break line in a paragraph is to write the text in text edit (with mac) can be note for PC and make a break line with “Enter” then paste it on a paragraph. Is there another way?
Exept convert the paragraph to HTML, mofify, and covert to coponents.

Shift+Enter adds a line break I have found


:+1: It works perfectly, so simple and used everywhere, I’m stupid.
Thank you

I wouldn’t say your stupid :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Glad I could help!

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Note that apart from inserting “br” another related useful shortcuts are:

  • “Split Text Element at Caret” (Alt + Enter)
  • “Insert Non-Breaking Space ( )” (Shift + Space)

see: Keyboard Shortcuts | Bootstrap Studio