How much can BSS handle?

How much info can BSS handle before it just crashes?

I'm designing an e-commerce platform and my basic design comprises of 32 pages. I got to the third page and BSS just freezes. Assuming that it was somehow my computer's/ my fault, I started again...

In conclusion, after four tries, I think it's a bug and now I'm frustrated because I've wasted three days plus my whole morning leading up to this comment.

Sorry that you've run into problems! It shouldn't crash regardless of the number of pages. If possible, can you send the .bsdesign file you've been working on? You can see our email address on our contact page.


There does seem to be some slowness and lag when working with high number of pages. My current project was reaching 60 or so pages and I have more to do still. I started to save more often and use the duplicate menu option to save a backup and then also save that using "Save As" as dated file name.

I would at some point get an all white BSS app screen. I would lose everything up to the last save point unless that save point was the time it would white out on me then it would be whatever was the previous last save point.

I have since created duplicate projects and separated out the massive content sections to their own project groups to compensate. And I am working on smaller project groupings to be a little more safer.

It's been a while since I've white screened since then. This was about 2 weeks ago or so.

Looked something along the lines or this.

bss app white screen example


Thank you for the input Saj! We will look into this once 2.3 is out.

Did you have the Preview running when you experienced the slowdown?

@martin, I would have to say yes as I tend to have the preview running nearly all the time.

I would have to admit that I started to think that the white screening was in relation to the previews auto refreshing, however, I wasn't able to effectively conclude that it was.

Also I would have to say that the slowness or lagging wasn't necessarily at the time the refreshing was taking place though.

My system doesn't have a dedicated GPU it's just an onboard GPU.

Win8.1 Pro 64-bit, 8GB Ram, 2core/4thread, AMD A10-6700 APU 3.70GHz, Dual Monitor, SSD.

I opened up the app and loaded my original project with everything and turned on preview, loaded one of my heavier pages to test. After the first auto refresh, memory usage jumped about 200MB and is around ~550MB. Seems to be fine right now, not getting any slowness etc... but I just started working for the day really, it could be something that progresses with time. Although, I don't see memory usage constantly in flux so it doesn't seem like a memory leak.

Auto refresh hit ~37% CPU then dropped, scrolling the test page in app can get it to jump to ~14%, also returned the memory back down some.

The file on disk is ~3MB my current project is ~1/3 of that. The other 2 files that make up the whole, are ~2.7MB, ~1.4MB (made changes since the original).

I hope this is all useful info :)


Thank you for your reply, Saj! We have some ideas how to improve the performance of the app and will get down to doing this in the next releases.