How to add a component to thestage area

Hello ... I am a newbie.

I started by using an existing template so that I can customize it. I am able to edit existing components but when I try to drag a new component from the left menu onto the stage to add it ... it does not show up on the stage. How and I add new components to the template.

I hope that someone can point me in the right direction


It should show up on the stage but it may be hidden under another component.

If you drag a component to Overview instead you can position it exactly where you want it.

Most likely it's because the Component is inside a Container. This issue has been here from day one and I really hope they find a way to combat this.

To do what you want to do you need to drag the component to either the top or bottom of the preview window. You should then see the blue lines telling you that you can add it there. If you don't see them, it's not going to drop there so make sure it's at the very top or bottom of the preview window.

Now what you need to do is 1. Check to see if there's a container element, or make sure the Block element (if it's in one, which most are) isn't set to container (usually there's a container element inside the block) 2. Check that container to make sure there are no classes or ID's set to it. Usually the only thing it is, is a container. 3. Check the Block element to see if there are any classes or ID's set to it, usually there are. 4. Drag a Row or Div, depending on your preference, right above the Block or Parent element of the Component. 5. add the Classes and ID's from the Block to the Row/Div you just dragged in. 6. Drag everything from inside the Container, into the Row/Div you dragged in. 7. You should now have an empty Container within the Block element, and the contents of that Container should be in your Row/Div and all should show up at the top or bottom of the preview window. 8. Now ... drag that Row/Div to the location you want that element (or test it where it is if that's what you're doing).

Seems like a lot of steps, but it's pretty quick and easy. Also, if you're testing elements, try to remember to use UNDO after check it out, if you decide not to use it. That will delete all the supporting files along with the Component (which of course you'll need to undo until it's gone)

Hope that helps!

Jo ... that is exactly what the issue was ... as soon as I get the insertion blue line I am able to drop it in then I can drag it around.

Thank you all for the pointers ... much appreciated.

Cheers! ...

You're quite welcome, have fun with all the hundreds of Components available! :)