How to add a non breaking space?

Ok here's stupid question number 5,467 hahahaha

I cannot seem to figure out how to add a   to anything in BSS. I can't use custom codes to do it as it always creates a div even if you don't want one (maybe something to think about here with custom codes to have it "not" create divs for everything?). I've been all over this app and just cannot seem to find a way to use a non breaking space? Can this be done? If so can someone please point me to how to do this? If not, can we please get this feature added? Thanks! :)

Ok so was it such a stupid question that no one wants to answer it? lol. Or doesn't anyone else know either?

So I just checked my online component "Simple Line BReak" and I don't see a div with it. No div in the HTML/Custom Code/Overview.

One of the things the Dev's mentioned before that the div that was associated with the Custom Code was pretty much just a placeholder for things like the Overview or HTML pane to represent it's location in the tree so I'm not sure why my Simple Line BReak online component doesn't have it. Actually none of mine appear fine.

Try my component and lets see what happens. If that works try making your self on again.


Yeah I've created a Line Break of my own as well and it doesn't have it either, but when I try to use a Custom Code box I delete the div that's in it and just enter:


It adds the div no matter what I do. The div doesn't show up in the Custom Code, doesn'st show up on the Overview of course, but it does show up in the HTML tree and so I'm unable to create this space :/ Just tried it again to be sure, but.... same results

I think it's because the <br> is a complete tag and the &nbsp; isn't?

Do this instead <*span>&*nbsp;<*/span> it appears to work. I don't think I can actually explain why other then in the HTML doesn't represent a hard space so it represents it in a block element to be viewable?? anyways wrapping it in a span solves the issue.


Thank You! And now that you say that I feel even stupider that I should have thought to try that even lol. Appreciate the help there!

I guess it just doesn't recognize characters if they aren't within a bracketed setup.

ugh, I'm the one that feels stupid... I read your topic as a question about line break not a non breaking space haha wow.


haha no worries Saj, either way you still answered my question!