How to Add Amplify JS Library

Hi I'm creating a web page that will use Cognito AWS for the user sign-up & sign-in and I need to get all the js libraries into Bootstrap Studio, I normally do this with a simple "npm install xxxxx --save" to save all the files and dependencies, but how to import all the libraries and files to bootstrap studio?

Sorry just found that BSS is not able to link Node Libraries as it's considered backend and BSS it's only for front-end. Closing the Topic.

I am doing this, I just copied and pasted the needed js module into the proper folders and it works fine.

If they are needing to be read in specific locations by your scripts, then you shouldn't import them unless you can update the paths in the scripts for the files. This is due to the structure that BSS uses which puts all js files into a js folder inside an assets folder. Might cause issues with your scripts if they are not looking in the right place.

If you are able to do all that then all you need to do to import a lot of files is to create a folder in the Javascript section of the Design pane and then drag and drop all of the js files into that folder. You can highlight them and drag them all at once into that folder easily.