How to add canvas and svg components


I am a new user of Bootstrop Studio. From components panel, I cannot seem to find svg or canvas elements.

How can I add canvas/svg components to a page?

Thanks, MK

You will need to drag the Custom Code component to where you want that element. Then in the Overview pane on the bottom right of the app, select that Custom Code component. In the top right of the app just above the Options section, click on the icon that looks like < > to expose the Custom Code editor below in the middle right of the app. Select everything and enter in your snippet of code for the Canvas or SVG. You can not drag and drop components into the Custom Code section, it's a freehand editor only.


Interesting, I learned something new here too lol. Didn't realize you could click the < > in the Options area to open the custom code box. I have used right click and Edit in the Overview tree (which by the way is in Saj's other right lol, or on the Left side at the bottom). Also you can double click on the custom code element in the preview area of the app or right click that same element in the preview area to edit. Lots of ways to edit for sure!

@jo haha, I know in my mind I said left hand side when I described the Overview pane. :)



Thanks very much!