How to add Google reCAPTCHA site key and secret key?

I am creating a site using a smart form for the Contact Form and I can get it to function correctly, but I am unable to find any way to add the reCAPTCHA keys for my domain to the form. I have searched through the forums and the documentation and I must be blind but I can't find any reference on how to do this.

Any help gratefully appreciated. Darryl

There is no place because Bootstrapstudio smart form supplies their own reCAPTCHA....not yours. I thinks its safe but if you need 100% security and tracking by your own reCAPTCHA then you will have to host somewhere else.

Really, for what you get, and the ease in which they make it work this is a no-brainer for some sites.

Thanks Twinstream for the reply. I do intend to host my site on my own server/domain name, that is why I was wanting to add my own keys to the code. If there's no easy way, I guess I will just have to go through the JS code and find the keys in there myself.

I could be wrong buy I think smart forms only works when you use the publish option.

I set up my contact form using this tutorial...

I did look at the tutorial and it does say it will work on any host so my mistake ....but I still think you will find they are using a iframe to load your email form data to their server and you have no control over the Recaptcha key.

Recaptcha works by giving you a code that lasts for a couple of minutes. When the form is submitted with the code to the server, the server then resends the code it receives from you and Recaptcha says yes, that is where we sent the is our response the your server saying everything is great....or not. It also verifys that your server has the secret key that is from you google recaptcha site. When a email sends, you create records on your recaptcha account. Unless you are using someones elses account, in which someone else has access to that data.

Thanks again Twinstream. After having gone over the code in the exported site I can see that there doesn't appear to be any way to re-code this and it is indeed using an iFrame to load the form data from the bootstrapstudio website. But it does seem to work fairly flawlessly in Chrome and Firefox.