How to add HTML5 video?


How do you add the Video Source for mp4 video when working on a local machine?

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Unfortunately the app doesn't support importing video. The way to do it is to upload your video files on your hosting/server, and reference them by URL in the video component.

Alternatively if you have a local webserver running, you can use a http://localhost url.

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I know how to make an HTML video and how to make it work perfectly. But what if i want to publish the same video in many different languages through subtitles? SO the same video with different subtitle. I tried to upload .srt files to my server where the videos are hosted and link them appropriately through Bootstrap Studio but the subtitles are not showing!! Is there any specific formats that works with it? I couldn't solve this one!! Please help...

@Kal perhaps this will help?


I'm trying to add an html5 video linked to my dropbox account. I've changed the linked file from =0 to =1(raw format) and the video imports into studio just fine but won't display in preview..

Any ideas why the file won't load in preview? Am desperate.

Thank you

EDIT: It’s only not displaying in Safari

That would most likely be something you should be asking Dropbox?

Why host the video on Dropbox? Just upload it to your webserver. Also, Dropbox free does not support video streaming.