How to add margin and/or padding from interface ?


I just bought a Bootstrap Studio licence and began to work with. I can't find how to add margin and padding on components directly from interface (I had to add classname manualy in the HTML tab).

Bootstrap 4 allows us to do it with classes like "mb-3", so I can't imagine that Bootstrap Studio lacks this (

Does somebody can help me ?


You can add standard Bootstrap classes by simply typing them into the Attributes panel in the Class Names field (eg. mb-3), or you can Click on the Look & Feel tab in the upper right panel, and you will see fields for margin and padding which can be expanded to enter top, right, bottom and left values separately. They will be added as inline styles unless you choose from the Style Attribute dropdown menu directly above to add them to a specific class, or create a new one.

Thanks for reply.

Although it may not be in a "one click menu" and I don't expect we will see anything like that to be honest (nor do I feel it's necessary); the app does have them already incorporated into the system so when you're typing you can choose it from a popup menu. Same difference as far as I'm concerned as trying to add it with a menu in the Options area. Easier actually, since it puts it all in the area it really needs to be in, by the attributes. Since you're familiar enough with Bootstrap to know what's included it shouldn't be hard at all for you to just start typing a class/id and then choose the one you want from the menu that pops up. That's also a very good check to make sure we're adding things correctly too.