How to add meta tags?


I did a search "how to add meta tags" and this forum came up: It states, "We are happy to report that version 2.2.4 of Bootstrap Studio is released! Here are the new features: You can now add Meta Tags to pages from the Page Properties dialog...." But does not tell me how to actually add the meta tags... I specifically need to add <meta name="keywords" content=".... since my client would like to add his own keywords. I looked under Studio > Page but do not find Meta Tags. Am I looking in the correct area? Please advise.

Thank you.

In the Design pane on the bottom right of the app, click on Pages to expose your sites pages. Right click on the file you want to add meta content to and select Properties. You can then setup your meta content in the window that pops up.


What Saj said ?

Oh! I was definitely in the wrong area! Thank you very much!

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