how to add more rules to custom mediaqueries

Hi i wold like to know how to add more rules to custom mediaqueries, i created a media query and i should created again to add more rules and when i exported my theme i notice that the same media query was in my css a bunch of times. Is there a way to add more rules into a custom media query? thanks.

To access your custom CSS, on the bottom right of the BSS app is the Design widget.

Select Style to expand it, there you should see your custom CSS file. Double clicking the custom CSS file name will load it into and display the Style widget below your project widget.

Scroll through the Style widget to find the media query you want to edit and click in it to edit.

Hope that helps


ok i don't think you get the idea. Here is an example Mediaqueries i need to nest my rules inside the @media(max-width:768) mediaquery. How can i achieve this. When i export the site i get 6 copies of that particular mediaquery. Thanks.

I see what you're saying, the same thing is happening to mine.

I can see that I can add a media query by hand but there doesn't seem to be an option to add a CSS selector. It's just a limitation of the app, maybe the Developers will come up with a way to add selectors option to the properties button of the CSS block on the right. As well do a combine with same media query rules so they aren't spread out into multiple rules.


ok, thank you for your help, and yeah! i hope the developers can see this post and do something for future releases. take care dude.

Thank you for opening up this thread!

Each CSS block has its own media query - this makes it easy to rearrange things with drag and drop in the editor, toggle media queries on or off and duplicate blocks. This won't work well if you had multiple css blocks per media query, which is why we decided for the editor to function the way it does now.

In the next releases we will add support for SASS. This will open up a code editor like the one we have for JS right now. Because CSS is valid SASS, you will be able to write CSS there too, so you will have the power to organize your code exactly the way you need.

Do you think this will solve the problem you are facing?

This is such a deal breaker. I can't use this product with this glaring lack of basic functionality. I work as a QE engineer and I have to wonder where the QE team was and why they abandoned users for this basic failure. I just bought this app and now in the first hour of using it, I find it is useless to me. All the hype about responsive website design, and no, you cannot make responsive pages because you can't add more than one rule per media query. What? What is the workaround? Flooded CSS with multiple, redundant media queries? Unacceptable. I want a refund.