How to add online payment transaction in e-commerce website other than paypal?

This is depended on the Service you will use.

Mostly they provide a documentation HOWTO with code-snippets for different solutions, either

  • just a link, referencing
  • creating an https request with js, php, or others for request such like json/rest

anyhow, to integrate in BS you will possibly need to insert "custom code" component for the html and an js-file for javascript if needed.

I suppose tere will not ever be an official component in BS, as the solutions of that services vary much.


BSS isn’t an e-commerce tool, it’s a web designer that you can “add” components such as payment forms to. I use Machforms for my forms needed as they are very complete, have tons of bells and whistles and give the ability to use a handful of payment options for collecting payments, sales, etc. The code is easily worked in as a Custom Code block and the forms work perfectly with BSS.

Hope that helps.

thank you

Edit: never mind ;-)