How to add onload attribute to body tag?

I tried to add onload tag inside body here - but it did not work. Am I really able to add it once the site is exported? Thanks

You're only going to want to edit files after expore IF you are not going to be using BSS to edit the site any longer. Once you edit the files outside of BSS the changes you make will be lost again once you export the next time in BSS because you cannot import those changes to BSS.

So the short answer would be no, the long answer would be yes if you are done editing your site in BSS and no longer will be needing BSS to edit that site from now on.

Someone else may have an idea on how to make that setting work or how to add the settings to make them work.

Thank you for reply. Thats interesting, that I am able to add any other attribute, but not onload attribute on BSS.

This has been explained a few times in the forums here.

Semantically, you no longer add JS code inside the HTML it's self (therefore, the app doesn't let you). You create a custom JS file in the app and in it you use jQuery's document.ready statment for onload functioning.

$(function() { /* this is the jQuery equivalent of documents.ready */

    /* all scripting you do should go inside here for example */

    $("#hello-world").on("click", function(){
        alert("Hello World");


A couple example posts